Runtime error 380 invalid property value vba

Error Name: Invalid property value. Error Description: Most properties only accept values of a certain type, within a certain range. Developer: Microsoft Corporation. Software: Windows Operating System. ANSWER: Here is the answer for anyone else who might need help. It was the quotes in the line of code that had the error. ControlSource = " ' " & ActiveCell. Assigning the selected item of a combobox with the. Value property is not working in all the cases very well. ListIndex property instead. In your example the line where you get the error would look like:.

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    Invalid runtime property

    If cdDate is a DateTimePicker, you most likely should be using the. Value property rather than. Plötzlich wird auf einem(! ) Rechner stabil beim Laden eines bestimmten Unterformulars die Systemfehlermeldung " Runtime error 380: Invalid Property Value" mit der Folge des Programmabsturzes SOLVED] runtime error 380 - invalid property value. Hello I have a private sub called Vullistview. When i load my program, this sub is called, and a listview is loaded with some data from an access file. Office VBA リファレンス VBA 言語リファレンス プロパティの値が無効です ( エラー 380) [ 1 / 2]. ほとんどの プロパティは、 割り当てることができる値の型および 範囲が決まっています。 このエラーの原因と解決策を以下に示します。. It because there is no SubItems( 3) in your listview. And why you show Owner ID twice in all of your codes? modified as following ". Set lst1 = lvStudentInfo. SubItems( 1) = rs! What causes runtime error 380? Attempting to set a property of an object or control to a value that is not allowed.

    Look through the code that runs when your search form loads ( Form_ Load etc. ) for any code that sets a property. VBA Reference · Language Reference; Reference; User Interface Help; Invalid property value ( Error 380) [ 1 of 2]. See the property' s Help topic to determine what types and range of values are appropriate for the property.