Ora 06550 error in java

But, it seems i cant call a function using callable statement. Bcos, it gave the error as * * * * *. SYS_ REFCURSOR errors on execution in packages - ORA- 06550, PLS- 00302 Description. it fails with the following errors: ORA- 06550,. Oracle SQL Error: ORA- 06550. I am getting the following Oracle error on the following test code below. From what I can tell the variables do match, what am I missing? Hi, I am geting this error in JDBC Receiver adapter. when i call the stored procedure. Last week it works fine.

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    Java error

    SQLException: ORA- 06550: line. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 13: PLS- 00201: identifier ' OLAPIBOOTSTRAP' must be declared ORA- 06550:. numeric or value error:. Calling SQL Procedure: SQL exception - code:. Error report: ORA- 06550: line 7,. SQLException: ORA- 06550. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1,. ORA- 00900 Error Changing Connection. throwSqlException( DBError. BEFORE: I was having trouble accessing Java Stored Procedures from an Oracle 12c client: java. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 13: PLS- 00201:. Hello: Would some one help me out please?

    I have the following errors when I deploy a simple Java Stored Procedure to Oracle 8i database: initialization complete. Sometimes I get the following error if I call a procedure from within java, but if I execute it using toad / sqlplus it is working fine. ORA: 06550 error. Hi I have problem with calling store procedure. when i am trying to call my procedure from my following java code connection = ConnectionManager. getConnection( dataBaseURL, serverName,. Hi, I have a stored procedure in Oracle that compiles and executes correctly. When I call the same from java ( jdbc thin driver) I get the following error message: java. SQLException: ORA- 06550:. Oracle iProcurement - Version 12. 3 and later: Exception Error Occurs During Checkout Process in iProcurement - java. SQLException: ORA- 06550 PLS- 00306 UPDATE_ WO. Possible causes of error are : ( in the snippet - function). The package " types" doesn' t exists. create or replace package types as type cursorType is ref cursor; end; /.

    2 Invalid SQL select statement ( Table or column has been. エラーメッセージ. ORA- 06550: 行< n> 、 列< m> : ORA- 06550: line < n>, column < m>. 基本的なエラーの内容. 通常、 このエラーは別の異なるエラーと共に出力され、 エラーの 原因となる個所を行、 列の値で示します。. FDPSTP failed due to ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7:. Java; JavaScript; PHP;. I am struck with the following error: " " FDPSTP failed due to ORA- 06550: line 1. Hi I am calling a oracle procedure, in which i am sending 200 parameters values, i would like to know what are the values set to each parameter. is there any way. java ORA- 06550 PLS- 00801.

    i am getting following oracle error ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7 PLS- 00801:. SQLException: Pls Help. Why Calling a packaged Stored Procedure in Oracle results in java. SQLException: ORA- 06550? Why Calling a packaged Stored Procedure. Getting the following error. Hi Experts, I got this error will trying to insert some data into oracle! I have tried numerous avenues, but still can' t resolve it? How do I proceed? thanks = = = = = sp CREATE. call Oracle stored procedure error java. When I call it I get the error: Message : ORA- 06550:. identifier ' P_ USER_ NAME' must be declared. ORA- 06550: Regel.

    After restoring an Oracle backup the Bizagi application does not start and the Event Viewer displays errors with code ORA- 06550 and PLS- 00905. ORA- 06550: PLS- 00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ' GEN. / / THIS DOESNT HIT ANY ERROR PROCEDURE EXECUTE. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7: PLS- 00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ' ONE_ IN_ erListProvider class produce an error below when using two DataSource in initializeConnection method. USERLIST_ DATAPROV' must be declared ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7: PL/ SQL: Statement ignored at oracle. Learn the cause and how to resolve the ORA- 06550 error message in Oracle. You tried to compile a block of PLSQL code ( like a stored procedure or function), but a compilation error occurred. When I call a PL/ SQL of particular schema in Java file it is getting executed and retrieves the result. But when I call another PLSQL in the same Java file of different schema it shows an error saying: Message: ` ORA- 06550: line. Error : - 18: 58: 50, 281 ERROR [ STDERR] java. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7: PLS- 00306: wrong.